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Fellowship Census - Interim Results

Overall to date (30 April 2009):

  Total Meetings  1402     

  Total Members  9134

  Average 6.5 people per meeting..

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Fellowship-Wide Census 2008

   It has been ten years since the fellowship-wide census that last established the size of the regions and determined the number of Delegates to the General Assembly. The Regional Alignment Committee proposes that, before making any adjustments to our regional structure, we as a fellowship update that census.  We envision that this will benefit the fellowship in four ways:

  • By creating a tally of all groups that will facilitate regional realignment;
  • By providing Central Office with an up-to-date tool for connecting callers with groups;
  • By connecting all groups to our service structure and thereby ensuring group representation in the General Assembly;
  • By putting in place a conduit of communication that will allow the easy flow of information between the regional delegate and the groups.

   Please download the sample Excel spreadsheet, a suggested format for gathering and recording information about the groups in your region. We ask that you distribute this to all Intergroup Reps (IGR’s) in your region, or where there is no Intergroup, directly to the group rep (GSR).

Thank you for serving.
Regional Alignment Committee

Downloads:  Spreadsheet  (Excel)  Instructions  (PDF)

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