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                             Northwest Regional Expense Fund

                                           Mission Statement
This fund exists to cover the expenses of the elected servants of the Northwest Region (NWR) of Sexaholics Anonymous participating in activities representing the NWR. The expenses covered are related to these activities.

Attending General Delegate Assembly
  1. Travel costs to and from face to face meetings of the General Delegate Assembly (GDA)
  2. Living expenses related attending the GDA such as hotels and meals
  3. Convention fees
Attending NWR Retreats
  1. Travel costs to and from Regional Retreats for the purpose of attending to NWR business meetings
  2. Registration of NWR Retreats
Other Expenses
  1. Maintaining the regional website
  2. NWREF bank account costs
  3. Other incidental costs related to carrying the message to the regions
The Northwest Regional Expense Fund endeavors to to cover all the costs associated with these activities. The NWREF is solely funded by contributions from Intergroups and groups in the NWR.

Mailing a check to the following address is how to donate to the Northwest Regional Expense Fund:

Northwest Regional Expense Fund
Suite 289 800-15355 24 avenue
Surrey, BC Canada
V4A 2H9

Rev 01 September 17, 2012